ROLE Information Designer
DURATION 1 month
TECHNOLOGY R Stats Package, Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign
AWARD ICPA In-depth Reporting: Second Place

View accompanying story HERE.

I designed this infographic with the general goal of breaking down how the CARES Act funds were dispersed in Chicago during the Covid-19 pandemic. I sought to highlight the large portion of discretionary funds funneled into the Chicago Police Department, particularly in comparison to other categories in need, such as homeless services or small business relief.  
Background research:

I compiled a detailed study of COVID discretionary and non-discretionary funding and visualized my analysis through the use of R (Programming language). All data is available through city government sites but is virtually impossible for the layperson to analyze; I consider it my responsibility to break down incomprehensible connections within datasets to better inform the public about their representatives' decisions. 
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