ROLE Brand Designer
DURATION 2 months
TECHNOLOGY Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, inDesign
AWARD Communication Arts feature

I compiled an extensive research brief on Chicago's Adler Planetarium (available per request) in which I documented the subject, it's competitors (or similar organizations), and most importantly, developed verbal and visual material that served as a basis for design exploration. 
In the design phase, I developed a mark and system for the planetarium and provided evidence of that system through a set of designed prototypes. 
Full brand guidelines book available on request. ​​​​​​​
Background research:

The museum's mission is to connect people to the universe under the sky that we all share. I familiarized myself with the core values of the brand as well as the history of the campus and program. Commonalities of similar institute brands include circular imagery and highlight planetary movement.
Based off of my findings, I decided the new Adler Planetarium brand guidelines should focus on interrelations expressed in context with interplanetary movement, historical references to astronomy, and the concept of vision or gaze. 
Creative direction:

My visual inspiration was highly geometric and diagrammatic. The final mark's shape was inspired by the unique shape of the Adler building itself and its reflection on Lake Michigan along with a starry sky. I was flexible with the rules dictating how to use the mark because I wanted to take advantage of the wide range of opportunity these shapes provide, including overlays and color burn 
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